CASH OUT June 7 2012

I almost forgot to post about this…

Last week, I was at an Epic Records event with Backside and The Hundreds to check out their new artist, Cash Out. We knew nothing about him other than he had one of the top records on the radio, which I hadn’t even heard yet. How things have changed. The single is called “Cashin’ Out”, and it’s succeeding faster than his own label anticipated.

Before L.A. Reid took notice of him, Cash Out marketed himself unconventionally, and we say unconventionally because he wasn’t so reliant on the Internet, but rather the streets. He dropped singles, and one of them was his signature track that radio stations like Power 106 are calling a staple in their daily mixes. Rihanna even tweeted about it; Cashout has the screenshot saved on his phone. It only took three months for him to get signed, and another three to get national air play. And for the next three months, he’ll be making appearances and touring across the US. Somewhere between all of that, he’ll still be unconventional by working on singles instead of an entire album.

And after playing press, we enjoyed the perks.








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